Hi guys, 
This is your GV Youth Hub. It's the place where we will be linking you to resources, making announcements and giving you challenges whilst we aren't able to meet in person and probably beyond that too. 

I'll be updating it regularly with content including videos, blog posts and questions or challenges for you to get involved in. A lot of stuff is going to be happening here and it is a public website but you should consider it to be your common space for staying up to date and knowing what we'll be talking about in our sessions together. 

Mostly, it lets the youth leaders share stuff with you that we think is interesting or helpful without emailing your parents every day! 
Peace, Tegan 


News and Updates

Sunday Morning Services

 Sadly, from the 22nd of March for the foreseeable future, we won't be meeting in person for church services due to COVID19. 
Instead, they will be streamed through the church's website wit
h the option for joining small groups to pray after. 

Youth Online

During this time of social distancing, we'll be looking to do lots of stuff both online and offline including group chats, challenges and check-ins. 


Upcoming Events

  • Sunday 15:30 every week.
    Sunday 15:30 every week.
  • Starting from 11/05!
    Starting from 11/05!
    Join Us
  • Posted on blog every Monday by 1pm!
    Posted on blog every Monday by 1pm!

Contact Us

89 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow, G11 6PW


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